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Browbird MYO Entry - Sivasti
First off, I apologize for the quality. I'll try to get a better digitized version of this later but I did at least want to get the silly git IN before the deadline. Having said that, here goes:

*EDIT* Updated the file! :3

Name: Sivasti 
Age: Somewhere between old enough to know better but still too young to care. (he’s between 20-22, he honestly does not know ‘cause he believes he may have lost a year or two because of Magical Things).
Gender: Male
Height: 5’11” not counting horns

Magic: Speech/Arcane
Crest: Single color; Blazing twinkle
Horns: Carved Arcs (hidden by cuffs)
Tail: Large Full flare
Eyes: Slitted
Ears: Fluff
Fluff: Chest, ruff/neck, and legs
Markings: Spots
Extra: Dragon feathers

Personality: Excitable, bright, curious. Sivasti’s very into magic and Words. All of them. It’s his passion, along with being pretty. :B Despite his excitable nature, he can be very focused thanks to all his work with archery (as that requires much focus) and mastering his magic.  Practicality sometimes escapes him, but generally he’s a reliable sort that’s good to have at your back in a fight.

Background: Siva’s family lived as protectors of an old ruin; horn carvings were part of a fifty generation Tradition, along with hunting and refining magic. As the middle child, he found himself without need to stay put and allowed his wandering heart to go free.  His clan tend to have carved horns, but Sivasti left before more than the carvings around the base were completed - as they are done in sections, staring from the base and moving towards the tip.


+ Enchanted bow/arrows (arrows are regular, magic enhanced, or pure magic); he draws back and breaths the Words to see that his arrows fly fast and strike true.
+ Enchanted bag w/expansion charm for additional capacity
+ Engraved horn cuffs
+ Archer’s brace and gloves, to protect from accidental wounds when pulling
+ Basic clothing items, toiletries, etc



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ahhhh no problem man! he was oodles of fun to draw : ]
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